Lord of Earth


Lord of Earth



Starting Level



Acquired From

Cannot be Recruited

Fought In

Mount Fuji

Creation Cost

No information

Power Gem


Mind Gem


Speed Gem


Background Edit

One of the three Devil Golem servants of Infinity. The people of Kyoto sealed it long ago within a shrine in Mount Fuji. Unlike the other Devil Golems who had their powers suppressed, his power is constantly drained in order to allow Kyoto to flourish. His Magicore is stored within the Shogun of Kyoto.

Appearance Edit

The Lord of Earth resembles a man in full Samurai Armour including decorative demonic face mask. His colours are very muted, being primarily a dusty brown.

Abilities Edit

As the Devil Golem with control over Earth, the Lord of Earth doesn't possess as much HP as the other Devil Golems, but his superior defensive power reduces most damage to single digits.

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